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A life dedicated to Maritime services


Agencia Maritima Portillo Cádiz S.L., is a company with family traditions, its origins are found more than a century ago.

Our founder, Jorge Scharfausen Curry (Germany 1868-Cádiz 1923), was a vessel agent in Sweden, his main business was shipping wood from the north of Europe to Cádiz

At the beginning of the 20th Century he along with his family moves to Cádiz. From that time we keep the first graphical testimony of our family business, the launching of the vessel “Chistian” back in 1918.

The company continues its developing with the inclusion in the family of Fernando Portillo Ruiz, businessman, agent, shipment expert, customs agents and forwarder.

But it was his older son, Fernando Portillo Schaffhausen, who gives the definitive impulse to the company expansion, expanding business to El Puerto de Santa María and at the same time offers new and innovating ways of sea shipping to The Wine producers cellars of El Puerto de Santa Maria an Jerez.

It did not too long to increase the action line of the company with the acquisition of various vessels, beginnig this was to act as ship owners.

The expansion continued with different alliances in other places like Seville, Malaga, Almería and Huelva. As a results of this agreements another new companies are created, CONDEPORT, ACMAR y EUROPAMAR.

At today, the fourth generation, Fernando and Jose Antonio are highest mangers following a long maritime tradition born in Sweden more than a 100 years ago.
Whit branches and offices at La Cabezuela in Puerto Real, and with a consolidates reputation, Agencia Maritima Portillo Cádiz S.L., still growing, opening new business lines focused on new maritime traffics.